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Alocasia Mickey Mouse Variegata Starter Plant (Grower's Choice)
  • Alocasia Mickey Mouse Variegata Starter Plant (Grower's Choice)

    Alocasia 'Mickey Mouse' - The Whimsical Houseplant


    Discover Nature's Artistry at Its Finest!

    Step into a world of charm and quikiness with our Alocasia 'Mickey Mouse'. This captivating houseplant is not your everyday greenery; it's an ornamental masterpiece that captures the imagination. With its uniquely shaped leaves that bear an uncanny resemblance to Mickey Mouse ears, it's no wonder this plant is a favorite among Disney lovers and plant enthusiasts alike.

    Key Features:

    • Distinctive Leaf Shape: Heart-shaped leaves with scalloped edges and Mickey Mouse-like "ears."
    • Care Level: Moderate
    • Light Requirements: Medium to Bright, Indirect Light
    • Temperature: 69-85°F

    Add a touch of whimsy to your home or office with this enchanting plant—because who says adults can't have a bit of fun too?

    Note: It's common for Alocasias to lose the outermost leaf and sometimes even two during transit, but no need to worry; a new leaf will quickly grow with the proper lighting.


    Alocasias will sometimes go dormant after growing many leaves and blooming.  Do not throw away the tuber, you will be pleasantly surprised with the beauty that will regrow again during the growing season. 


    When you repot, provide it to a chunky and airy potting mix; coco coir, perlite, orchid bark. Check our plant accessories for the ideal potting medium. 


    Keep in mind you should NOT repot right away; the plant needs to acclimate to your growing conditions, and many plants, including our Alocasia, could grow in its nursery pot for a year at least unless it becomes extremely root-bound. 


    Alocasias like moist soil but not wet. Give it humid temperatures (60%-80%) and do not expose it to extreme cold, or it may go dormant. To keep Alocasias pest-free, keep them healthy by watering on schedule when the potting medium dries out, keeping a humid environment, and fertilizing when needed (ideally summer through fall.)


      Plant ships in a nursery pot. Decorative pot is not included.

      10" plant is for local pick-up only. 

      We do not ship to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. USPS and UPS are our preferred carriers.  All plants are packaged and handled with love. 

      The potting medium is covered to prevent major spilling; however, some soil may spill in transit.  

      Heat packs and insulation are available for an extra charge of $5.00 each. Please check the weather in your area and ensure to add a heat pack to your order if you are experiencing cold temperatures in the 40s or 50s or colder.  


      See our Store Policies

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