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The Balance Intention Bundle - palo santo + jasper agate
  • The Balance Intention Bundle - palo santo + jasper agate

    The Balance Bundle: Palo Santo & Jasper Agate

    Embrace Equilibrium in Mind, Body, and Space

    Center yourself effortlessly with our Balance Bundle. This unique collection fuses the grounding qualities of Palo Santo wood with the stabilizing energies of Jasper Agate to offer you an oasis of balance in an unsteady world.



    Palo Santo: The Holy Wood

    • Serenading Aroma: Esteemed in South American spiritual traditions, Palo Santo graces your space with its soothing, aromatic presence.
    • Clearing the Atmosphere: The smoke from Palo Santo is believed to cleanse your environment, driving away negative energies and fostering positivity.


    Jasper Agate: The Balancer Stone

    • Emotional Equilibrium: Jasper Agate is known for its gentle energy that helps you achieve emotional balance and tranquility.
    • Physical and Spiritual Stability: This stone is said to ground you in the present moment and provide spiritual insight, enhancing overall equilibrium


    Balance: The Symbiotic Union

    When paired, Palo Santo and Jasper Agate work harmoniously to bring balance into your life. Ignite the Palo Santo to cleanse your environment and then place or hold the Jasper Agate to harmonize your mind and spirit.


    How to Use

    Ignite the Palo Santo: Light one end of your Palo Santo stick, letting a flame appear briefly before blowing it out.

    Sanctify Your Environment: Use the Palo Santo smoke to purify your space, covering all corners for an effective cleanse.

    Connect with Jasper Agate: Keep your Jasper Agate near—whether in your pocket or displayed on a table—to maximize its balancing capabilities.


    Balance Bundle.
    Kit includes:
    4 Palo Santo sticks (measuring approx. 4" long) ethically sourced
    1 Jasper Agate

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