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Palo Santo Bundle with Amethyst Agate on a Monstera Coaster
  • The Love Intention Bundle - palo santo + purple agate

    Ignite Love and Compassion in Your Life

    Indulge in a transformative experience of love and positivity with our Love Bundle. Thoughtfully crafted with Palo Santo wood and a beautiful Amethyst Agate stone, this set is designed to open your heart and enrich your emotional landscape.



    Palo Santo: The Holy Wood

    • Aromatic Bliss: Celebrated in indigenous South American traditions, Palo Santo graces your living space with its enchanting, calming scent.
    • Environmental Harmony: Palo Santo is renowned for its ability to cleanse negative energies, fostering a loving and positive atmosphere


    • Amethyst Agate: The Love Stone
    • Emotional Connection: Amethyst Agate is believed to inspire emotional depth, fostering love, understanding, and compassion in relationships.
    • Intuitive Enhancement: The stone is also said to deepen your intuition and self-awareness, encouraging a heartfelt connection with yourself and others (Source).


    Love: The Ultimate Partnership

    Combine the Palo Santo and Amethyst Agate for an enhanced experience of love and well-being. Light the Palo Santo to cleanse and prepare your environment, then hold or place the Amethyst Agate to imbue your space with love and intuition.

    How to Use

    Light Palo Santo: Ignite the tip of the Palo Santo stick and let it catch fire momentarily. Extinguish the flame to release the aromatic smoke.

    Purify the Space: Carry the Palo Santo around your area, letting its cleansing smoke drift throughout the space.

    Engage with Amethyst Agate: Hold or place the Amethyst Agate near you to channel its energies of love and emotional depth.


    Balance Bundle.
    Kit includes:
    4 Palo Santo sticks (measuring approx. 4" long) ethically sourced
    1 Amethyst Agate

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