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Ficus Bonsai Angled Zen Bowl

Our Bonsai pieces are curated by a Bonsai Master from Okinawa, Japan. Bonsai are living pieces of art pruned following an ancient tradition. We curate Bonsai creations from Master Bonsai artists, and thoughtfully pair the Bonsais with contemporary containers, adorned with preserved moss, crystals, or rocks. This fusion of ancient Bonsai trees with modern containers harmoniously blends the timeless charm of tradition with the sleek aesthetics of modern decor.


Bonsai is not a type of plant species or genus. It is the Japanese art of growing and training miniature trees in containers.  The Japanese term “bonsai” is translated as “bon” for a low pot and “sai” refers to plants. Growing and sculpting bonsai is a tradition that can take many years. 


Bonsai trees require a higher level of care compared to typical indoor plants. It is crucial to be mindful of both the placement and the correct watering technique for these miniature trees. Bonsai enjoy moist (not wet) soil.  It's important to be consistent and not allow them to dry out completely or keep them too wet.


Finding the ideal location for your Bonsai trees can pose a challenge, as it involves considering various factors such as lighting, humidity, and temperature. While Bonsai's make a statement as indoor plants and decor, they will thrive in a patio or porch.  Ficus Bonsais can be kept indoors but will need constant humidity. 


Use the “touch test” to see how dry the soil of your plant is.  If your Bonsai is top-dressed with pebbles or moss you can stick your finger underneath to determine its dryness. Don’t overwater bonsai; too much water will cause root rot. Avoid watering all of your trees on a daily or weekly schedule, until you know exactly how often your tree dries out. 


Our small Bonsai trees bring a calming zen vibe to any space. 





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