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Floral & Greenery White Sage Smudgestick
  • Floral & Greenery White Sage Smudgestick

    White Sage known botanically as Salvia apiana is a plant endemic to the Southern California Baja region. 


    Smudging has been well-established as a practice or ritual used by many cultures around the world. 


    It's used to cleanse, purify, and soothe stress. Studies have shown that smudging with sage makes you think more clearly. 


    Ethically sourced white sage adorned with pink statice flowers. Widely used in celebration, statice flowers symbolize both fond memories and success. Pink statice flowers are known to represent - Femininity - Compassion - Gentleness


    Sage is traditionally burned ceremonially in purification rituals. Set your intention with our ritual smudge wand, when cleansing and purifying your favorite sacred space. Our sage wands are fragrant, burn well and smell fantastic!



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