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Monstera karstenianum 'Peru' Front View
  • Monstera sp Peru (Grower’s Choice)

    Monstera Peru SP is an easy care plant. The deep green waxy-like leaves are thick and corrugated. It's a fast grower climbing vine that puts off runners. They grow tall with a moss pole, you can also let them vine or trail.


    Monstera Peru plants thrive in airy and well-draining soil. An airy potting medium is ideal for drainage. Coco-coir, bark, perlite, and horticulture charcoal. For ideal potting mix check out our soil-less potting medium.


      HOW TO GROW:

      Grow Monstera Peru in part shade and average humidity.  This plant doesn't do well in very hight light conditions.  The plant's leaves may curl when getting too much light, when the medium/mix dries out or when in very high humidity. 

      Water Monstera Peru when the potting medium dries. Take care not to overwater, which can lead to root rot. 

      Fertilize in the spring and summer with a general all-purpose houseplant fertilizer or slow release fertilizer. (Follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging.)

      Monsteras are not for human or animal consumption.


      See our Store Policies.


      Plant ships in a nursery pot; decorative pot is not included.  

      USPS and UPS are our preferred carriers. 

      See Shipping Policies for our shipping schedule. 

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