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Philodendron McDowell Large Rare Philodendron
  • Philodendron 'McDowell' (Grower's Choice)

    Philodendron 'McDowell' is the Ultimate Rare Houseplant for Exotic Plant Lovers. 


    For the botany aficionados, the Philodendron McDowell belongs to the family Araceae (Aroids) and is a rare hybrid of Philodendron gloriosum and Philodendron pastazanum.


    Native to the tropics, this unique plant is a horticulturist's dream come true. With its robust, dark green leaves featuring elegant, white variegations, it serves as a captivating centerpiece for any room. The Philodendron McDowell is not just a visual marvel; it also purifies the air, transforming your home into a natural sanctuary.


    For anyone in search of rare houseplants for sale, the Philodendron McDowell is an unrivaled choice. With its tropical allure, easy maintenance, and sustainable sourcing, it's the perfect addition to any plant collection.


    Care Level: Easy
    Light: Medium to Bright Indirect
    Water: When potting media dries a couple of inches


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      Heat packs and complete winter protection are available for purchase. They can be added to the order (filter by 'winter protection.") Heat packs should be purchased if you are experiencing cold or freezing temperatures. Please ensure that you will be available to receive your plant if you are experiencing cold temperatures. Heat packs only protect your plant in transit, not for extended periods. 

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