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Philodendron pastazanum (Grower’s Choice)
  • Philodendron pastazanum (Grower’s Choice)

    Philodendron pastazanum is a very rare heartshaped Philodendron that originates from a city called Pastasa in Ecuador. It’s commonly called Philodendron Pasta.

    This plant is a crawler so the main stem or rhizome grows vertically and not horizontally. The petioles grow vertically from the stem and carry the leaves.

    One of the most common mistakes in Philodendron pastazanum care is to bury the rhizomes in the potting medium.

    Make sure to not overwater the plant particularly the rhizome. Water when the potting medium completely drys out. Make sure to let the water drain out after watering.

    Use an airy potting medium such as coconut coir, perlite and orchid bark. The plants is an epithetic Aroid so it usually climbs trees and creates its home there. Using a heavy mix that doesn’t provide enough aeration doesn’t aid in optimal growth.

    Fertilize in through spring, summer and fall with a slow release or houseplant fertilizer.


      Plant ships in a nursery pot. Decorative pot is not included.

      We do not ship to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.  USPS and UPS are our preferred carriers.  All plants are packaged and handled with love. 

      The potting medium is covered to prevent major spilling; however, some soil may spill in transit.  

      Heat packs and insulation are available for an extra charge of $5.00 each. 


      No returns; all sales are final once shipped.

      If there is an issue with your shipment and the plant arrives dead (rarely happens), please take a video or pictures of the plant immediately (no less than 24 hours) and send them to We will refund dead plants.

      Shipping charges are non-refundable and need to be addressed with the carrier unless there is an issue with how the product was packaged.  Packages marked as delivered by the carrier are the buyer's responsibility.   Contact the carrier (USPS or UPS) right away. 

      If you received a tracking number and haven't received your package 4-5 days after please contact us immediately at

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