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Syngonium podophyllum ‘Albo' Variegatum (Grower’s Choice)
  • Syngonium podophyllum ‘Albo' Variegatum (Grower’s Choice)

    Syngonium Podophyllum Albo-Variegatum also known as arrowhead vine has marbled leaves with areas of pure white. 


    The arrowhead-shaped leaves add an exotic and beautiful look to any space. This easy-to-care-for plant is perfect for beginners and experienced rare plant owners alike. Its white and green variegated leaves will bring a touch of vibrancy to any room. It is fast-growing and will quickly fill up your space with foliage. It is a great choice and can also be trained to climb up a trellis.



    Syngonium Albo are very easy to grow. They grow tall and sometimes a bit leggy, which some people love. If you prefer a bushier plant you can prune to help it branch out. Over time, some leaves may revert to solid green; if so, you can cut the stem and it will encourage the growth of the variegated leaves.


    These are easy-care plants that can be grown in part shade or bright indirect light. They sustain average household humidity but will thrive in medium humidity levels.


    Water when the potting media dries, do not overwater or water unless the media has dried at least a few inches. 


    Fertilize with slow-release fertilizer during spring or summer or use a houseplant fertilizer. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. 




      Plant ships in a nursery pot; decorative pot is not included.  


      We do not ship to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.  USPS and UPS are our preferred carriers.  All plants are packaged and handled with love. The potting medium is covered to prevent major spilling, however, some soil may spill in transit. 

      Heat packs and winter protection are available. Heat packs should be purchased if you are experiencing cold or freezing temperatures. Please ensure that you will be available to receive your plant if you are experiencing cold temperatures. Heat packs only protect your plant in transit; not for extended periods of time. 


      See our Store Policies.

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