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The Protection Intention Bundle - palo santo + black agate
  • The Protection Intention Bundle - palo santo + black agate

    Your Spiritual Shield for Mind, Body, and Space

    Discover a sanctuary within your own space with our Protection Bundle. This carefully curated set combines the grounding energy of Palo Santo wood with the protective qualities of Black Agate to offer a shield against negativity and stress.



    Palo Santo: The Holy Wood

    • Divine Fragrance: Utilized in South American spiritual practices, Palo Santo envelops your environment with a comforting, aromatic ambiance.
    • Energetic Purification: Known for its ability to cleanse spaces, Palo Santo smoke is said to eradicate negative energies.


    Black Agate: The Guardian Stone

    • Emotional Resilience: Black Agate is revered for its capacity to offer emotional stability and fortitude.
    • Protection & Strength: This stone is believed to serve as a shield against negative energies and provide physical endurance.


    Protection: The Optimal Synergy

    When Palo Santo and Black Agate are paired, their attributes are synergized for maximum protection. Use the Palo Santo to purify your environment, then place or hold the Black Agate as your personal talisman of protection and strength.


    How to Use

    Ignite Palo Santo: Strike the end of your Palo Santo stick to produce a small flame. Extinguish the flame to let the wood smolder.

    Sanitize Your Surroundings: Guide the cleansing smoke throughout your living area.

    Engage with Black Agate: Keep your Black Agate close—whether in your pocket or on a nearby shelf—to optimize its protective benefits.

      Embrace the power of protection with our thoughtfully-assembled, ethically-sourced Protection Bundle.


      Protection Bundle.

      Kit includes:
      4 Palo Santo sticks (measuring approx. 4" long) ethically sourced from Peru
      1 Black Agate

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