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Holiday Deer
  • Holiday Deer

    Our succulent arrangements are of the highest quality and color! The difference between our succulent arrangements and others is we hand-select varieties and species that are long-lasting and are less likely to discolor or become leggy if kept in the right conditions.


    Succulent varieties will vary, but will always include only the highest quality assortment, providing the ideal mix of color, texture, and ease of care.


    Embrace the magic of the holiday season with our Enchanting Holiday Deer Succulent Planter. This exquisite piece combines the rustic charm of the winter woodland with the modern appeal of succulents, creating a stunning decor item that is perfect for the festive period. The sleek silhouette of a deer with its majestic antlers provides an elegant frame for the lush, green succulents nestled within its back. This planter is not just a statement piece but also a practical addition to any plant enthusiast's collection.

    Key Features:

    • Whimsical Design: The deer's graceful form is both artistic and functional, serving as a unique vessel for your succulent display.
    • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, this planter is designed to withstand the test of time, making it a lasting holiday treasure.
    • Compact Size: Ideal for adorning small spaces, office desks, or cozy nooks in your home with its space-friendly dimensions.
    • Gift-Ready: This Holiday Deer Succulent Planter comes in beautiful packaging, perfect for surprising a loved one with a special yuletide gift.

    Why It's the Perfect Gift:

    • One-of-a-Kind: Stand out with a gift that combines home decor, gardening, and holiday spirit all in one.
    • For Every Green Thumb: From novice plant lovers to seasoned gardeners, this planter is a delightful addition to any plant collection.
    • Centerpiece Worthy: Elevate your holiday table setting with this enchanting deer as the centerpiece.



    Light: Indirect Sunlight

    Place your cacti arrangement on a table or countertop with windows nearby and at least 4-6 hours of indirect sun per day.


    Rotate your succulent arrangement frequently to get enough light and maintain its shape and form. Succulents will lean toward the sun if you do not rotate them, which is called phototropism.


    Water: Drought Tolerant

    Cacti store water in their leaves and stems. Water thoroughly when the potting media is completely dry to the touch all the way down to the roots. Firm and plump leaves indicate a happy plant that does not need to be watered. However, mushy leaves mean your plant has been overwatered.


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