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Hoya flavida in Concrete Planter
  • Hoya flavida in Concrete Planter

    Hoya flavida comes from MT Gallego in the Solomon Islands.  It's a rare species and is perfectly paired with our Frida concrete planter. 


    Planter Size:

    4" opening, 8" Height



    As the plant matures it produces clusters of beautiful fragrant flowers that are yellowish with pinkish tints (this could take a year or several years depending on the environment).


    Light: Bright, indirect light (careful to not place in direct sun)


    Water: Water when potting medium dries completely, as it's sensitive to overwatering. 


    Potting medium: Use a well-draining potting medium


    Fertilizer: Spring through fall with a slow-release or houseplant fertilizer. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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