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Multi Phalaenopsis Orchid in Wood Pot
  • Multi Phalaenopsis Orchid in Wood Pot

    This one of a kind arrangement is a work of art mixing elements of nature, natural wood and moss. If features multiple Phalaenopsis orchids and moss. 


    Our fresh and long-lasting Phalaenopsis and moss orchid arrangement is a stunning tropical beauty! Phalaenopsis orchids are the longest-lasting orchids available. Phalaenopsis is a genus of multiple species native to Southeast Asia, but adored globally because of their long-lasting feature.


    With the proper care, the flowers or blooms can last anywhere from 2 to 4 months, sometimes longer.


    Phalaenopsis orchids are commonly known as moth orchids derived from the shape of the flowers that resemble fluttering moths. Phalaenopsis orchids are epiphytes like Aroids that grow on trees with little to no potting media.


    Our orchid arrangements are top-dressed with our preserved moss that requires no watering. It’s cultivated from the mountains of North Carolina.


    You can remove the moss when you are ready to water your orchid. Do not overwater your orchid or keep it in wet soil. Keep away from cold drafts or furnaces. Do not place in direct sun. Place in a bright indirect light (inside, close to a south or west-facing window is ideal).


    Do not mist the flowers as this can lead to fungal infections, you may mist the leaves sparingly ensuring that no water stays in the crevices of the leaves or the crown.  Water when the potting media has completely dried.


    Moth orchids thrive in bright indirect light and average household humidity. Water when the potting media dries out. It depends on your environment or how much you water, but directionally every 7 to 10 days. Fertilizing with a fertilizer made for orchids.



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