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Uniheat 72-Hour Winter Heat Pack | Insulation
  • Uniheat 72-Hour Winter Heat Pack | Insulation

    If the weather in your area is in the 50s or high to mid-40s, you should be adding a heat pack or insulation with your order. We provide both options because the weather fluctuates and can be sporadic.


    The heat pack is designed for reliable and steady heat release up to 72 hours.


    Heat packs or insulation do not guarantee that plants will not experience any cold damage, but they are typically the best protection against colder temperatures.


    Most plants arrive in good condition with the use of heat packs. However, heat packs do not work below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are experiencing temperatures in the 30s or colder, then you will need Multi-winter Protection and expedited shipping.


    Thermal insulation protects against external temperature changes; it helps trap warmth and keep cold temperatures out.


    Please ensure that you receive your package and do not leave it outside exposed to the elements. Heat packs protect your plants in transit and are not designed for extended exposure. Keep in mind your package has been traveling for a couple of days, sometimes up to 3 days, depending on your location.


    Heat packs are environmentally safe, disposable, and the inner contents are biodegradable.


    We reserve the right to change from heat pack to insulation or vice versa depending on the weather at time of shipping. 

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