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For years, Plant The Jungle™ has been home to an impressive collection of rare, uncommon, and exotic tropical houseplants in Miami, FL.

We expanded outside our urban jungle home to a greenhouse in Homestead, FL. Recently, we opened our first retail location at the River Landing shops in Miami (click here for the address.) We ship nationwide and also offer in-store pick-up.  


Our plants are responsibly grown or sourced; we do not poach or plant hunt any of our rare varieties; conservation and sustainability are part of our core values. 

We're here to help you curate a lush, tropical look with our tropical and rare plant collections. Our collection of superior varieties are hand-picked and grown by our passionate houseplant experts with years of experience. We acclimate our plants before they ship to your home, which helps to increase your success as a plant parent. 

Our trendsetting rare plant shop offers a diverse and ever-changing selection of quality trending tropicals, rare and uncommon plants (click here for the rare plant shop).


Explore our collection of 'Biophilic Designs' for your home decor needs, featuring unique plant varieties paired with modern and handmade pottery selections (click here for biophilic designs).

Our 'Pottery and Accessories' collection offers unique pottery and plant accessories (click here)

We are continually curating new styles and varieties and carry a small selection and limited quantities, focusing on quality instead of quantity.

We are a small minority and woman-owned business. Click 'Latina Behind the Plants' for details on our plant expert and founder.   

Check out our blog to learn more about tropical and rare plant care.

Let's Grow Together!

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You Can’t Plant a Jungle 
if You Haven’t Botany

Shop our exclusive rare plant shop online or in person. Quantities are limited! Looking for something you don't see in our shop? Let us know, we can help curate it or grow it for you.
Sign up for an account under the rare plant shop and get exclusive early access to our blog, inventory updates, and rare plant sales.

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