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Biophilic Design

Discover the Latina behind the plants Damarys Mora Crawford. Immerse yourself in this short film, as she unveils the inspiration that ignited her exploration of biophilic design. Join us on a journey through her creative evolution, where nature's beauty, biophilic design and resilience converge. Experience the essence of biophilic design through her eyes and be inspired to infuse your surroundings with the harmony of nature.

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The Short Film

"When Jacopo Fantastichini contacted me for a collaboration on a short film centered around biophilic design, I was pleasantly taken aback. As an Italian filmmaker based in Miami, his interest in bringing our story to life intrigued me. The question lingered: What draws him to capture our narrative and the story of nature and design? This inquiry led to an engaging exploration for  PlantPop, highlighting the compelling appeal of biophilic design.

The filming process turned out to be quite chaotic. The greenhouse location proved to be too far, and the shop, situated within River Landing Shops and Residences, was bustling with activity. After deciding to film at the shop, inside Capsule, and scheduling it before opening hours, an unexpected challenge emerged. My daughter fell ill and was hospitalized so we needed to reschedule. On the day of filming, unbeknownst to us, a lively Zumba class took place every morning, its energetic music bustling through the walls, disrupting our plans. We continued with filming eventhough at times I was distracted, but when I started to tell the story of my family, my journey, and my connection with nature I was able to drown out the noise. 

I hold a profound sense of gratitude towards Jacopo and PlantPop for shining a spotlight on horticulturists, biophilic designers, individuals within the plant industry and people that just love plants. Their efforts have not only brought attention to these vital contributors but also celebrated their invaluable role in our ecosystem. I hope you enjoy it!"

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