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Jungle Queen

Hola! I'm Damarys Mora Crawford, AKA, Latina Plant Queen. I was born on the exotic tropical island of Cuba, in Latin America. I grew up surrounded by nature and my mother's garden that included many exotics and common plants she called "Malanguitas y Lengua de Vaca," known in parts of the US commonly as Pothos and Snake Plant. 

Now a single Mom with my own daughter, I hope to pass down that same passion for plants that my mother inspired in me. 
What started as a childhood passion and a small rare collection from seeds and cuttings blossomed into a profession. I have over ten years of experience working in the plant industry for some of the largest growers in the world. I've traveled all over the world to curate my collection and create programs for world-renowned brands. I've worked with breeders and growers and was the creator of the Costa Farms Trending Tropicals® name and collection, an effort to bring tropical, uncommon plants to mass markets. 

I left the world of big corporate (growers) to pursue my passion project of building a greenhouse and growing many of the exotics that I loved as a child. Growing plants responsibly and sustainably is very important to me. 

My mission is to reconnect people with nature through biophilic design and the use of natural elements and houseplants. 

I practice inclusion and want everyone to plant kindness. I believe in creating a more sustainable and kinder earth for everyone, EVERYONE! 

I encourage plant parents to add exotic and greenery to their lives and be transformed by the beauty and gift of plants. 

Read more about Damarys here or check the 'Press' tab above.

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