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Container Garden Ideas & Hacks

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Many of us want to get out and garden as the days warm up, but some of us have limited space. Container gardening, which is growing in a pot instead of growing in the ground, is the ideal solution for those of us who have a small patio or don't have a lot of outdoor or indoor space.

Some gardeners want to enjoy the blooms and colors of spring without all the work. Purchasing a ready-made garden like the Better Together garden by Dummen Orange is an incredible hack to add pops of color to your space without all the mess.

Redfin shares experts' container garden top tips and tricks

Redfin, the home specialists, recently reached out to experts across the country for their best container gardening tips on how to plant perennials, native varieties, fruit trees, and more. When they reached out to me for tips on the ideal potting mix, I was happy to share what I've learned working in the horticulture industry over the years. You can read many of the tips and tricks here.

Designer hack, you'll wish you knew sooner.

White and yellow Calibrachoa red Petunia Blue Salvia
Butterfly Wing Mix by Dummen Orange

If you decide to plant your own outdoor container garden, keep in mind the tip shared by Redfin experts; use similar plants to make plant care easier.

All the garden experts use the same hack when it comes to design! They use the thriller, filler, and spiller design concepts.

Thrillers are the focal point of your container garden. Tall, bold ornamental grasses or salvia are often used to add a vertical visual.

Fillers are placed to fill the space around the thriller plants and the pot. Filler plants are usually bushy or mounding varieties like petunias.

Spiller plants spill over the container and cascade down the pot as your plant continues to grow. Calibrachoa or trailing begonias are ideal for recreating this look.

You don't always have to incorporate all three, but using at least two of these will result in a more polished look.

Can I container garden inside with houseplants?

You can easily create an indoor container garden; it's the style hack many interior designers use to spruce up a home during spring or summer.

Exotic tropical houseplants make a striking statement in container gardens, and you only need one!

Exotic plants are the easiest and most exclusive way to bring nature into our home and build that indoor jungle.

Where is the best location?

Near south or east-facing window is best. Most tropicals thrive in bright indoor lighting near south, southeast, or east-facing windows with 5-6 hours of bright light. You want to avoid north-facing unless you can supplement with bright artificial lighting.

Near your home's entrance is another good location. Placing container plants near the entryway invites positive energy into your space. Plants make excellent home decor and have many benefits, such as air purification.

How to make a statement?

Be bold and make an impact with one large statement piece in the room.

Creating a lush tropical space with Alocasia, Philodendron, or Monstera container gardens is easy.

Alocasias, Philodendrons, and Monsteras (found here) can all grow large in size. Pair it with neutral containers so the room and foliage are the focal points.

Don't be messy!

One of the many benefits of indoor container gardening is the lack of clean-up required.

Container gardening indoors is as easy as placing a nursery potted houseplant into a ceramic, stone, or terracotta pot. You can complete the look by top dressing with moss or rocks.


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