Let’s Get Real About Fake Plants! Top-3 Easy-to-Grow Common Plants That Are the Real Deal.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

There is no comparing fake plants to real plants! Live plants reconnect us with nature, tap into our desire to nurture, and are truly decorative.

I received much engagement on our Instagram reel about how you develop relationships with real plants in a way that you can’t with fake plants.

You nurture a living plant by helping it grow, and when your plant baby gets sick, it's personal.

Plants bring us a sense of joy that comes from surrounding ourselves with living things. They also give back by helping with productivity, alleviating stress, and purifying the air. Marie Kondo would agree that plants spark joy! In fact, Marie Kondo once posted a rant on Instagram about fake plants. She didn't like the idea of artificial plants and suggested that people buy real plants!

Plants are also an investment that can be sold or better yet, shared and passed down from generation to generation. As plants grow, they become a natural decor element that can sometimes become works of art.

Plants are a natural part of our ecosystem, while most fake plants made from plastic will end up in a landfill. Many fake plants are made from toxic plastic; although some are silks, those are more expensive and still don’t bring the benefits of real plants.

Google searches for fake plants are almost as high as houseplants. Searches like "fake plants you'll love" or "real-looking fake plants" rank very high.

So what is the real deal? Do fake plants have a place in our homes? They really shouldn’t, and many real plants aren’t challenging to grow at all.

Below are low-fail houseplants to get you started with the real thing. These are also referred to as easy-care houseplants that require little attention. These aren't plants you can neglect because plants are living things. They may go longer witho