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Alocasia Zebrina Rare Alocasia Zebra Stem
  • Alocasia Zebrina "Zebra" (Grower's Choice)

    Alocasia Zebrina also known as Alocasia Zebra is rare, exotic, and stunning!  It's a natural wonder and work of art! The leaves are as fascinating as the zebra-patterned stems. 


    They are endemic to South East Asia. 


    6" Grower's Choice plant will ship closest to the one show. The last picture is a Mother Plant for inspiration only. 


    How To Grow:


    Alocasia Zebrina likes medium indirect light. Do not put in direct sun, or it will scorch the leaves.  Alocasias like moist soil, but not wet. 


    Give it humid temperatures (60%-80%) and do not expose it to extreme cold, or it may go dormant.  


    To keep Alocasia Zebrina pest-free, keep them healthy by watering on schedule when the potting medium dries out, keeping a humid environment, and fertilizing when needed (ideally summer through fall.) 


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