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Earth’s Coir (Organic Soilless Potting Media | Chunky Mix)
  • Earth’s Coir (Organic Soilless Potting Media | Chunky Mix)

    Having worked in the horticulture industry for over a decade, I learned the importance of an aerated and organic potting medium. It's also a topic I learned about extensively working alongside soil scientists and in my horticulture classes.


    Aroids, in particular, need an aerated potting medium. Most aroids like Philodendrons, Monsteras, and Anthuriums are epiphytic and not terrestrial, so they grow and anchor themselves on trees having exposed roots.


    Store-bought potting mix is mainly peat-based and becomes compact, suffocating the roots and not allowing for even distribution of water. Peat moss is not considered a renewable source, and many store-bought mixes have added junk and fillers like plastic.


    Our potting medium is organic, renewable and naturally made from coconut coir, and perlite. It's essentially a "soil-less" media.


    The benefits of coconut coir, aside from being a renewable source, are that it provides aeration and an environment for plant roots to get the proper amount of water, air, and nutrients and allows enough space for roots to grow and expand. Coconut coir comes from the coconut's husk.


    A small amount of horticulture charcoal is added to aid in draining excess moisture to help avoid root rot.


    Perlite is a core ingredient for epiphytes in that it dramatically boosts the ability of plants to produce the healthiest root system possible. It helps with aeration and allows root systems to function more efficiently; nutrients are accessed in more significant quantities.


    The chunky mix is ideal for established plants.


    One bag will be enough to pot three 6-inch pots.

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