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‘Florida Ghost’ in Black Ceramic Pedestal Pot (Grower's Choice)
  • ‘Florida Ghost’ in Black Ceramic Pedestal Pot (Grower's Choice)

    The Philodendron Florida Ghost (Philodendron Pedatum) is a rare hybrid. Its bright neon chartreuse new leaves make a great compliment to this modern, sleek black ceramic pedestal pot. 


    The pedestal pot is a matte black that compliments any decor or plant. The arrangement is top-dressed with moss, not exposing any potting media, for a refined look. Makes a great gift or plant design to add a biophilic touch to your space. 

    What makes this rare plant unique are the colors of the leaves. Philodendron Florida Ghost new leaves start out bright neon and turn green as they mature. Philodendrons are epiphytic aroids native to many Latin countries. Most Philodendron leaves are usually large, lobed, elongated or deeply cut. Did you know Philodendron means “tree hugger” in Greek!


      HOW TO GROW:

      Grow Philodendron 'Florida Ghost' in a medium or bright-light spot. The new leaves come out whiter or more neon in bright light conditions.  

      Water Philodendrons only when the soil dries out completely. Take care not to overwater, which can lead to root rot. 

      Fertilize throuout spring and summer with a general all-purpose houseplant fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer. (Follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging.)

      Philodendrons also appreciate warm, humid temperatures, so make sure to protect them from cold drafts. Like many aroids, they need above-average humidity to do their best but can acclimate to other conditions.

      Philodendrons are not for human or animal consumption.


      See our Store Policies.


      The plant ships in the pedestal pot top dressed with preserved moss. The plant is maintained in its original nursery pot and is not planted in the ceramic to allow for proper watering. 

      To water, remove the plant from the ceramic pot. Water the plant thoroughly in the nursery pot, allow to drain and return to the ceramic pot. 

      USPS and UPS are our preferred carriers. 

      Heat packs and complete winter protection are available for purchase. They can be added to the order (filter by 'winter protection.") Heat packs should be purchased if you are experiencing cold or freezing temperatures. Please ensure that you will be available to receive your plant if you are experiencing cold temperatures. Heat packs only protect your plant in transit, not for extended periods. 

      See Shipping Policies for our shipping schedule. 

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