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Hoya 'Rosita'
  • Hoya 'Rosita'

    Hoya ‘Rosita’ is a highly collectible hybrid of Hoya wayetii x tsangii. With elongated, slightly glossy leaves edged with maroon. When grown in full sun, stressing gives the leaves more color; like  this one shown. 


    As the plant matures it produces clusters of beautiful dark red flowers (this could take a year or several years depending on the environment).


    Light: Bright, indirect light (careful to not place in direct sun) Water: Water when potting medium dries Potting medium: Use a well-draining potting medium Fertilizer: Spring through fall with a slow-release or houseplant fertilizer. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.


      Plant ships in a nursery pot. 

      We do not ship to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. USPS and UPS are our preferred carriers.

      All plants are packaged and handled with love and care. The potting medium is covered to prevent major spilling; however, some soil may spill in transit.

      Heat packs and insulation are available for an extra charge of $5.00. Please check the weather in your area and ensure to add a heat pack to your order if you are experiencing cold or freezing temperatures.

      Please make sure you bring your plant indoors upon delivery as heat packs and insulation only protect your plant during transit.


      See our Store Policies.

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