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Philodendron gloriosum (Dark Form) Large Grower's Choice
  • Philodendron gloriosum (Dark Form) Large Grower's Choice

    Philodendron gloriosum has lush velvet leaves that give it a luxurious textured look. They add drama and give a tropical look to any space. They also add depth and height, making them even more irresistible.


    This is a large Philodendron Gloriosum dark form and white vein in an 8"-10" pot. 


    Philodendrons fall under the Araceae family, diverse genera (125 and over 3k species.)


    Water & Humidity;

    Water when top soil is dry, do not keep it too moist. Philodendron Gloriosum can skip a watering (don't push it past a week without checking it) and don't require extremely high humidity like some rare plants. They do thrive in humid conditions, though.


    When ready to water make sure to water thoroughly and all around. I like to bring my plants to the sink for a good soak and then I let it drain completely. I usually place it on a saucer and empty it several times until there is no water coming out of the pot or left on the saucer.



    They can be grown in shadier spots in the home (not low light; lower light) but will

    grow faster in bright indirect light.


    Potting Medium & Fertilizer;

    Like many epiphytic aroids, they need a well-draining mix; perlite, coco coir, orchid bark will do the trick. You can grow in sphagnum moss but will need to incorporate nutrients.

    They benefit from fertilizer throughout spring and summer because they aren't super fast growers. Use a slow-release fertilizer and/or houseplant fertilizer and make sure to follow the packaging instructions (less is more.) I recommend new plant parents begin with slow-release fertilizers because they are more forgiving than liquid fertilizers. If you don't measure liquid fertilizers properly you could easily end up with leaf or root burn.


      HOW TO GROW:

      Grow Philodendron gloriosum in a medium-light spot, it can tolerate lower light conditions, but the plant will be slow-growing.  

      Water philodendron gloriousum when the potting medium dries.  Take care not to overwater, which can lead to root rot. 

      Fertilize throughout the spring and summer with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer or slow release. (Follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging to know how much fertilizer to use and how often to apply it.)

      Philodendrons also appreciate warm, humid temperatures, so make sure to protect them from cold drafts. Like many aroids, they need above-average humidity to do their best but can acclimate to other conditions.

      Philodendrons are not for human or animal consumption.


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