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Philodendron 'polypodioides'  Leaf Rare Philodendron
  • Philodendron 'polypodioides'

    Philodendron 'polypodioides' is a rare Aroid very similar to the Philodendron tortum. However, the tortum is a bit more compact and has stiffer leaves, making the Polypodioides more wild! It grows tall and messy; it's a fun and unique Aroid to add to the rare plant collection. 


    Philodendron polypodioides also has "ears" on the back of the foliage whereas the tortum doesn't.  


    The Philodendron Polypodioides is a subspecies of Philodendron Pedatum and is said to be endemic to French Guiana; however, it will adapt to average household humidity. Let the potting media dry out before watering. Keep it in a well draining substrate like the one it's grown in, and it will reward you with lots of new growth! 

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