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Philodendron Red Anderson Top View Variegated Leaves
  • Philodendron 'Red Anderson'

    Philodendron 'Red Anderson' is one of the “it” plants of 2023.  It's a hybrid of Philodendron 'Pink Princess' and Philodendron 'White Knight.' It's native to South East Asia and has striking variegation!


    The variegation is deep and rich and darkens over time. It has multiple colors from purplish tones to deep burgundy, green, pink and white. The variegation patterns are random and unpredictable. 


    It's an easy care plant, that does well in bright indirect light. It thrives in an aerated potting medium with a coconut core base. Make sure to not overwater to avoid root rot, water when the top few inches of potting media have dried. 

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