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Philodendron Ring of Fire Rare Variegated Houseplant High Resolution
  • Philodendron ‘Ring of Fire’ Variegata (Grower's Choice)

    Add a touch of tropical flair to your space with the exotic Philodendron 'Ring of Fire.' Known for its striking, multi-colored leaves that range from golden-yellow to vibrant orange and deep green, with touces of pink and white, this houseplant is an absolute showstopper.


    Perfect for both plant novices and enthusiasts, caring for this beauty is simple and rewarding.


      Philodendron Ring of Fire Variegata has been highly sought after. It has serrated, variegated leaves that give it a unique look. It's really quite a beauty!


      Philodendrons are easy-care plants that don't require extra attention.


      Grow Philodendron Ring of Fire in a bright-light spot for higher variegation.  

      Water Philodendron Ring of Fire when the potting medium dries.  Take care not to overwater, which can lead to root rot. While most Philodendrons are native to rain forests in Latin America they don't get the same humidity or warm temperatures in our homes, so it's best to not over water. 

      Fertilize during the growing season throughout spring and summer with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer or slow release. (Follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging to know how much fertilizer to use and how often to apply it.)


      Philodendron Ring of Fire appreciates warm humid temperatures so make sure to protect them from cold drafts. Like many aroids, they need above-average humidity to do their best but can acclimate to other conditions.


      Philodendrons are not for human or animal consumption.





        HOW TO GROW:

        Light Requirements:

        • Bright, Indirect Light: The Ring of Fire thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. A north or east-facing window is ideal.
        • Tolerant of Lower Light: This plant can adapt to lower light conditions but may lose some of its vibrant coloration and variegation. 
        • Let it dry: You can let it dry out between waterings and water once the potting media is dry a few inches or completely dry. 
        • Humidity: Humidity: Enjoys high humidity but is relatively tolerant of average home humidity levels.

        Philodendrons are not for human or animal consumption.


        See our Store Policies.


        Plant ships in a nursery pot; decorative pot is not included.  

        We do not ship to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.  USPS and UPS are our preferred carriers.  All plants are packaged and handled with love. The potting medium is covered to prevent major spilling, however, some soil may spill in transit.  

        Heat packs and winter protection are available. Heat packs should be purchased if you are experiencing cold or freezing temperatures. Please ensure that you will be available to receive your plant if you are experiencing cold temperatures. Heat packs only protect your plant in transit; not for extended periods of time. 

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