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Tea Garden Succulent Arrangement
  • Tea Garden Succulent Arrangement

    Our Tea Garden Succulent Arrangement is of the highest quality and color!


    The difference between our arrangements and others is we hand-select varieties and species that are long-lasting and are less likely to discolor or become leggy if kept in the right conditions.


    Give one as a gift to someone special—including yourself!


    Succulent varieties will vary, but will always include only the highest quality and succulent assortment, providing the ideal mix of color, texture, and ease of care.




    Light: Indirect Sunlight

    Place your cacti arrangement on a table or countertop with windows nearby and at least 4-6 hours of indirect sun per day. 



    Water: Drought Tolerant 

    Cacti store water in their stems for extended periods.


    Water thoroughly when the potting media is completely dry to the touch all the way down to the roots. Firm and plump leaves indicate a happy plant that does not need to be watered.  However, mushy leaves mean your plant has been overwatered. 



      Local pick up (inside Capsule in the River Landing Shopping Center) or delivery only (South Florida). 


      In store pick up only.

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