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The Abundance Intention Bundle - palo santo + green agate
  • The Abundance Intention Bundle - palo santo + green agate

    The Abundance Bundle: Palo Santo & Green Agate


    Unlock Prosperity and Well-being with Nature's Gifts

    Elevate your daily rituals with our Abundance Bundle. This specially curated set combines the aromatic Palo Santo wood with the vibrant Green Agate to help you manifest prosperity and well-being and abundance into your life.



    Palo Santo: The Holy Wood

    • Sacred Scent: Highly regarded in indigenous South American traditions, Palo Santo fills your environment with a rich, soothing fragrance that helps to clear the mind.
    • Aura Cleansing: Known to purify the atmosphere, Palo Santo smoke is believed to rid spaces of negative energies, creating a canvas for positivity (Source).

    Green Agate: The Stone of Prosperity

    • Emotional Wealth: With its calming and balancing energies, Green Agate fosters emotional stability and peace as well as prosperity. 
    • Physical Wellness: Anecdotally, green agate is believed to promote physical balance.

    Abundance: The Harmonious Blend


    When used together, the Palo Santo and Green Agate amplify each other's properties. Ignite the Palo Santo to cleanse your personal space, then place or hold the Green Agate to imbue your environment with prosperity and abundance.


    How to Use

    Light the Palo Santo: Kindle the end of the Palo Santo stick until a small flame emerges. Blow it out to produce a fragrant smoke.

    Purify Your Space: Circulate through the area with the smoldering Palo Santo, enveloping your space with its cleansing smoke.

    Engage with Green Agate: Place or hold the Green Agate in close proximity, allowing its energies to enrich your surroundings.


    Embrace the art of living abundantly with our ethically-sourced Abundance Bundle.


    Balance Bundle.
    Kit includes:
    4 Palo Santo sticks (measuring approx. 4" long) ethically sourced from Peru.
    1 Green Agate

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