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Winter Multi-protection Pack
  • Winter Multi-protection Pack

    Shipping tropical plants in the winter can be stressful. If temperatures in your area are below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you must add winter protection. 


    Winter Multi-protection Pack includes:


    - 72-hour heat pack

    - Thermal Insulation

    - Plant sleeve

    - Soil cover


    Many companies only use either a heat pack and/or insulation, we use extra protection like soil cover and sleeve to ensure root protection during shipping.  


    The heat pack is designed for reliable and steady heat release for up to 72-hours. If you are experiencing temperatures in the 50s you can order a heat pack or insulation alone. Heat packs are environmentally safe, and disposable, and the inner contents are biodegradable.


    Thermal insulation protects against external temperature changes; it helps trap the warmth so that your plant does not freeze.


    Plant sleeves are added protection from the elements during transit, shielding plants during extreme temperatures.


    Soil covers also help protect plants from extreme temperatures and reduce spills and messes.


    We take every precaution to ensure the safe arrival of your plant. We check the weather in your area before it ships, as well as shipping only on certain days to avoid your plant sitting at a carrier's warehouse over the weekend. We will contact you via email if we find it necessary to hold your order for cold weather-related reasons.


    Most plants arrive in great condition with minimal cold damage.


    Please ensure that you receive your package and do not leave it outside exposed to the elements. Heat packs protect your plants in transit and are not designed for extended exposure. Keep in mind your package has been traveling for a couple of days, sometimes up to 3 days, depending on your location.


    Some shipping stress occasionally happens during transit, such as yellowing leaves or minor cosmetic damage. If you experience severe damage, please contact us immediately at with detailed pictures.


      Please NOTE:

      Winter protection should NOT have shipping charges for most items.  If you are getting charged extra shipping for winter protection please email me at and I will refund you. 

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