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'Zen Serenity' Phalaenopsis Orchids and Geode in Metallic Bowl

'Zen Serenity' Phalaenopsis Orchids and Geode in Metallic Bowl

Introducing 'Zen Serenity,' a transcendent arrangement of Phalaenopsis Orchids, nature-crafted moss, and radiant geode, all elegantly displayed in a chic metallic bowl. Designed to infuse tranquility into any setting, this custom piece effortlessly marries the zen-like simplicity of orchids with the raw energy of natural elements.


The Orchid: A Symbol of Elegance

Cultivated for their timeless elegance and long-lasting beauty, Phalaenopsis Orchids are an epitome of serenity and grace. These magnificent blooms can last for months, gracing your indoor environment with their exquisite presence.


The Moss: A Touch of the Forest

Our preserved moss adds an organic, forest-like aesthetic that not only looks gorgeous but is also maintenance-free. Harvested from the mountains of North Carolina, this moss requires no watering, allowing you to enjoy its natural splendor without added effort.


The Geode: Earth's Hidden Treasure

Completing the arrangement is a stunning geode that adds a unique touch of texture and sparkle. Each geode is individually selected for its complementary hues and intricate crystalline structure, making your 'Zen Serenity' arrangement truly one-of-a-kind.


The Metallic Bowl: Modern Sophistication

The modern, metallic bowl serves as the perfect contrast to the natural elements, adding a contemporary flair that elevates the entire arrangement. Its reflective surface amplifies the natural beauty of the orchids and geode, creating a dynamic visual impact.

Care Tips

  • Watering: Water only when the top roots appear dry, ensuring that any excess drains into a saucer below the bowl.
  • Placement: Ideal in a location with bright, indirect light and away from direct drafts or heat sources.
  • Maintenance: No misting of the flowers, but leaves may be lightly misted ensuring no water lingers in their crevices.


Made to Order

Expect a one-week turnaround for this bespoke, made-to-order arrangement. For expedited processing, please contact us directly.


    Each of our Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangements is meticulously crafted to your specifications, offering a personalized, made-to-order experience that harmonizes with the principles of biophilic design.


    In store pick-up or local South Florida delivery only

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