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Low, Medium to Bright Indirect Light


When Medium Dries Out

Unique Features

Exotic, Large Veining, Velvet, or Corrugated Leaves



How to Grow

Grow rare anthuriums in medium light, some anthuriums can withstand lower light conditions.

Water anthuriums when top medium dries out.

Fertilize regularly in spring and summer with a slow release or houseplant fertilizer. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Be careful to not overfertilize because the leaves can burn.

Use a well draining potting medium, preferably coco coir, perlite and orchid bark. You can also add sphagnum moss. You can use a pre-mixed medium, for best results try to use one that is not too compact or high peat based.

Anthuriums prefer average to high humidity and warm temperatures. Make sure to protect the leaves from cold air or drafts.

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