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Medium to Bright Indirect Light


When Potting Medium Dries Out

Unique Features

Variegation, Diverse Leaf Shapes including Velvet, Vining, Trailing, Upright


Beginner, Intermediate

How to Grow

You can grow philodendrons almost anywhere in your home that has medium to bright light. Some varieties will adapt to lower light conditions, but will not grow as quickly.

For new plant parents, use a slow release fertilizer during the growing season (spring & summer). For more advanced care, use a houseplant fertilizer either bi-weekly or monthly depending on the species or variety. Carefully follow the packaging's instructions. Remember with fertilizer, less is more.

Use a well draining potting medium, preferably coco coir, perlite and orchid bark. You can use a pre-mixed medium, for best results try to use one that is not too compact or high peat based.

Water philodendrons when potting medium dries out, some may be left to dry out almost completely. Make sure to not overwater your philodendrons, they are sensitive to root rot.

Some Philodendrons are climbing, vining and trailing.

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